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1908 Antique ANIMAL ANATOMY print , body parts of mamals, bat skeleton, skull, brain, internal organs, zoologist art lithograph

1824 skulls original antique animal anatomy lithograph.

Hobo Nickels. The hobo nickel is a sculptural art form involving the creative modification of small-denomination coins, essentially resulting in miniature bas reliefs. The term hobo nickel is generic, as carvings have been made from many different denominations. Due to its low cost and portability, this medium was particularly popular among hobos, hence the name.

Reliquaries of Spirits Past

Coming to the Shop Tomorrow : Sarah Anne Lawless

Body Mask (Det), mid-20th century Asmat people, Ambisu village, New Guinea, Papua (Irian Jaya) Province, Indonesia Wood, fiber, leaves, paint

The Sealand Skull (carbon-dated around 1200 A.D.) is about one and a half times larger than a male Homo Sapiens cranium. Especially the eye sockets contribute to its size. Its smooth surface reveals that the creature was adapted to cold climate, and its relative eye size that it was either a night creature, lived underground or?

(by BioDivLibrary) Horseshoe Crab Anatomy

Cover Art for “The Asylum World” (1969) by John Jakes the Cover artist is: David Plourde

Shell Cameo Brooch Of Dancing Horae (Mythological Hours) Around A Central Clock, In 14k Gold Frame - American c.1901-1925