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The Hagmann And Hagmann Report

The Hagmann & Hagmann Report is a Christian replacement for Coast To Coast AM

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  • Cynthia Rogers

    No. just that Linsey said watch the derivative market and when the banks start dumping them... that is a signal "the powers that be"will play their next card.

  • Nora Flaherty

    They use a July 1 date bc, in business, June 30 is typically the end of the fiscal year. That's when the profit/loss and earnings statements are closed.

  • Cynthia Rogers

    good to know

  • Janet Phillips

    What is going into effect July 1st?! What is the US house of Reps Bill H.R. 2847? Fact: It will usher in the true collape of the US $! It will make millions of Americans poorer OVERNIGHT! What are the repercussions of losing this status? Look at Great Brittain! For 200 years they were the world currency and for 150 years they were the global SUPER power. Google "The 3 day week" of 1974. Google GB "Winter of Discontent".

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