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For the Love of History

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For the Love of History

  • 213 Pins

Smiling Victorians :)

We Can Do It!

“I call myself a feminist. Isn’t that what you call someone who fights for women’s rights?” —the Dalai Lama XIV

"Chief Raoni crying when he learned that the President of Brazil approved the Belo Monte dam project on the Xingu indigenous lands. Belo Monte will be bigger than the Panama Canal, flooding nearly a million acres of rainforest & indigenous lands. 40,000 indigenous and local people will be forced off their native lands (as well as millions of unknown species & plants) In the name of "progress""

16th Century Gothic bronze monument for St. Sebaldus, made by the sculptor Peter Vischer and his sons (1508-19), surrounds the 14th Century silver reliquary casket in the Church of St Sebaldus, Nuremburg

Germany - Some photos every few days - Page 508 - SkyscraperCity

love this.

So true.

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  • Dawn Ochs

    actually i think it was those brave navy seals that did it, not obama.

  • Ebony Reeves

    u absolutely right Dawn! They certainly did!


Christabel Pankhurst

10 Things That Have Changed Since 1791

Men waiting in a line for an opportunity at a job during the Depression - 1930


A zeppelin (love) flying over Egypt's Great Pyramid and the Sphinx (love)!

Retronaut - 1931: Zeppelin over the Pyramids

The Museum of Witchcraft, Boscastle, United Kingdom. This is the skull of Joan Wytte, she was born in 1775 in Bodmin, Cornwall. She was sometimes called the “Fighting Fairy Woman” or the “Wytte (White) Witch”. Her bones were disinterred and used for séances and various pranks, then later displayed at the Witchcraft Museum in Boscastle, Cornwall. In 1990 the museum was put in the hands of Graham King, who organized a burial for the skeleton of Joan Wytte.

The Museum of Witchcraft

Top New History & Biography on Goodreads, June 2012

Heh, story of my college career



Civil War unit w/ free lapbook downloads

"'Titanic' fans disappointed after facing the fact that Jack and Rose didn't exist... Doesn't care because old couple lying together in bed scene was based on real couple." History Major Heraldic Beast ~ So cool to find the characters based on real people in the movie!


Jewish prisoners at the moment of their release from an internment camp 'death train' ... 1945

Women of the future - 1950

formal court dress c. 1820's