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Sexy Backless Wedding Dresses Collection

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backless Wedding Dress

I Love YOU...I Just Absolutely Love YOU!!!! I love talking to you..listening to you..thinking of you..dreaming of you..holding you..kissing you..being with you..laughing with you..holding your hand..seeing U smile..looking into your eyes..caressing you..loving you.....I Do!!!! And always will Baby!! I Miss YOU!!!!***

J.R.R. Tolkien quote with Alice and wonderland picture.

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".Love this... Have written over 4,000 words today and I most definitely feel like falling down a hole... Exhausted!" J.L. Thomas.

Before you assume you’re in love | Crazy Diaries

  • Bryan Furse

    If you've ever had the thought that your love can change them or that you love them enough to help them change... then it's very suspect that it's true love.

  • R K

    How do you know if the idea is wrong....unless you take a chance?

  • Nicole Maggard

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Means "crazy love." Like, when you're in love with someone and you know it's a mistake but you can't help yourself.