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RIchard Mosse captures parts of the Republic of Congo with kodak aerochrome infrared color film. Mosse employs it in a way that brings exagerated beauty to an area that's struggled with horrendeous massacres and systematic violence — giving the viewer a look through dis-jointed rose colored glasses.

Infra War Richard Mosse via Co.Design War photographer Richard Mosse spent his time in the Democratic Republic of Congo shooting on Kodak Aerochrome film originally designed to help pilots spot camouflage, bathing surreal scenes of conflict in cotton-candy colors.

Infrared Warriors, These images were produced with the Kodak Aerochrome infrared film technology once used for military surveillance in past decades. It exposes the scene with lush pinks and empty greys, a contrast that imposes a strange beauty on a sad and unfortunate subject. Richard Mosse

MING PAO WEEKLY by Kathy Chow, via Behance