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Basset Hound!

36 Pins

Basset Hound!

  • 36 Pins

Onslow Basset Hound Dog Art Note Cards By Cori Solomon by terikor

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping Bassett hound. Look at that nose!

Twitter / BassetMortimer: Arbeiten? Jetzt? Nein! ...


Hound Dog

basset hound

Take care of those babies, Mama!

They got a double dose of the wrinkly gene.

What a beautiful puppy!

Basset hounds doing what they do best. We crossed this darn thing there better be a cookie waiting on the other side.

Basset - I want one!


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Basset puppy

Basset Hound

Yes, I know ... A hound dog...

Basset Hound

Basset Hound pictures. Lots of great pictures. An annoying ad comes up first but it disappears quickly.

Caroler or Basset Hound?

Dinosaur or Basset Hound?

Movie Director or Basset Hound?

Chicken or Basset Hound?

College student or Basset Hound?

Golfer or Basset Hound?

Duck or Basset Hound?