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Tips on what to do after receiving or purchasing a DSLR camera.

44 essential digital camera tips and tricks

44 essential digital camera tips and tricks

2 Simple steps to keep ALL your pictures organized. Even your cell phone pics.

this is an excellent how to guide for purchasing new camera lenses. even if you are not a professional, you still should consider everything in this article when buying outside of your kit lens.

Great guide and explanation to different camera and lens types. #photography tips

Camera mode teach sheets. Free download. From Creating Keepsakes magazine. #photography #camera #creatingkeepsakes #scrapbooking #scrapbook

100 Photography Tips Infographic- confirmed the avoidance of selective color

100 Nikon DSLR tips you need to know right now | Digital Camera World

1000+ Free DIY Photography Lessons - From point and shoot to pro, learn what you need to do to create beautiful photos.

How to Shoot in Manual Mode. Broken down step by step! Now THIS makes sense!

Cool photography tricks ~~ like the lamp trick!

Ultimate Disney Photobook Tips

Back to the Basics: What to Think About Before You Click

Describes each camera setting in detail and what to use it for. Great for people looking to learn how to use their camera better

7 Tips For Taking The Perfect Beach Portrait

the exposure triangle and getting good exposure in your photography

Tons of things to do with PVC


take better pictures with your phone, RIGHT NOW. best tips & tricks! #photo