WOW! Is all I can say.... 52 Totally Feasible Ways To Organize Your Entire Home - Pin now, look later

I'm not clinically OCD, but I do exhibit many obsessive compulsive disorders, especially in my kitchen.  I disclosed this in my pantry post (My Corner Market: Tips for an Organized Pantry) and since it has been pinned over 47,000 times on Pinterest as of today, I figured there was something about my crazy organization skills my followers liked.  Today I am sharing a few of my favorite organization tricks from the rest of my kitchen.To start off, I like to keep everything in a handy place for

how to do a no spend month; also this blog has lots of other stuff to explore: "Learn how you can simplify your home, your finances, your family life and your time."

ultimate organization.

Scheduling Assistant: Use simple clothespins as a scheduling sanity saver. Write the days of the week on clothespins and clip to a wire suspended along a wall above your desk. (Or glue magnets to the back of the clothespins and place them on your refrigerator.) Write the days' events and to-dos on index cards and clip to the clothespins as a visual way to organize your time.


  • June McCollum

    Yes Mam..Poor little Laura helped get me set up last night..I have enjoyed Pinterest and their set up I had to get an account.. Hope you all had a good Day! Enjoyed my breakfast this morning! xo love u all

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