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jacklyn rasmussen

jacklyn rasmussen

High-waisted shorts, c. 1950s.

upcycle old wood scraps by tacking them together and adding a peel and stick wall applique.

Large wooden angel wings by AnitaSperoDesign - LOVE these!

Marta::Gennady Spirin / well, this one is just for me!

"A Raven on the Fence" by Bob Kimball

Roman Bracelet, 1st/3rd Century A.D.

Judaculla Rock - This rock covered with undecipherable symbols is one of the greatest archaeological mysteries of the North America. Neither scholars nor older residents have been able to decipher it. Neither do they know its true origin nor purpose. Is it a prehistoric code? Some kind of secret message for future generations of humanity? Read more: www.messagetoeagl...

An observer in Colorado stands framed by a partial solar eclipse in a picture taken last week and submitted to National Geographic's My Shot ...

Shell inscribed with the name of Ur-Ningirsu, ruler of Lagash, son of Gudea, ca. 2110 BC. From Telloh, ancient Girsu. Excavated by Ernest de Sarzec, 1881 [Louvre Museum]