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This is a recipe on how to make your own Biore strips that you can use just on your nose, like you would a Biore strip, or you can do it to …

Spray the Bitch Away --- An aromatherapy spray/ perfume for when you're irritated, pissed off, annoyed, tired, peeved, frustrated, enraged, or have an overall bad attitude! Spray generously in your environs and breathe in mist. Spray near co-workers, friends, and relatives as needed.

I want this in my back piece too. I'm Native American & it would also be in honor of my gramps.

If Monday was a person | Funny Wall Photos

DIY inspiration for old or ill-fitting tanks....

I have great memories but they haunt me, I think about what could of been, I think about not too long ago kissing you and laughing with you , I hate you are not happy but I wish I'd never met you ..... You have tore my world apart again.....

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Heartbreaking Quotes, Heartbroken Quotes, Sad Love Quotes ❤ liked on Polyvore

  • Jackie Lynn

    Keep on, keeping on until the day breaks and the shadows flee away.

  • Neru Akita

    that's a cute poem ^-^

  • Joi

    Good, be strong. The more confidence you have the more you will realize that you do not have to rely on someone else to make you happy.

  • Dave Plum

    Feeling like I have absolutely no idea who you are or ever were is the worst feeling in the world. I let you hurt me so many times. I don't know if I can allow that to happen again and I don't know if I can ever let go of this pain bc someone who says you are their soulmate doesn't hurt you this way

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