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Conspiracy Keanu Meme & poisonous berries...

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Why no, I haven't lost weight, but thanks for thinking I was fat the last time you saw me.

Ever since my wife went on this Pinterest thing, she's on the computer all night, each dinner is stranger than the last and the house is full of old pallets and hot glue guns.

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Definitely when he folds the laundry, I hate doing it!

Ryan would die if he saw this. They have these all over Ohio and a 3-way is one of their signature hot dogs-with chili, cheese, and one more's gross and so is this sign! Ha ha :)

The next time another kid says, 'Eww, Vegan food is gross!' I'm totally going to tell him how hot dogs are made.

You need to eat a snickers because you are acting like a fucking asshole.

i hate spiders -.- no joke I had to kill one the other night with my bare hand! it was in the bed and I was scared it would disappear into the covers!! Same way with fire ants in the yard.

This used to be me. Now, after I've dispatched the villainous creature with a half can of hairspray, I shake out all my covers, make my bed...and sleep on top of it. lol