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Might I direct your attention to his lunch box...

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Tina Fey, everybody. Shut up and listen.

It's not easy being green, but we stand together no matter what our differences are. Thank you, Jim Henson Company.

  • Pure Imajennation

    A couple of my friends posted this on Facebook and I thought you'd enjoy it. It's a brilliant letter from the mayor of Boston basically telling Chick-Fil-A they're not wanted in their city. Truly inspiring and restores my faith in humanity! Love you George :)

  • Garratt Campton

    @Laurie Fraser wow really? Bullying... I call it karma. Nobody is trying to change their beliefs. Everyone is trying to create awareness so they go out of business and are forced into bankruptcy.... That's nothing like what you suggested. It's much much worse, and TONS MORE FUN!

  • Happy Drains

    Whoo... respect people, respect!

  • MarriageLife2011

    Love chick Fil a and will always support. He's standing up for his beliefs and I appreciate that.

  • Courtney Daniels

    Love chic fila! No gay marriage please just ew they get aids anyway lol

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