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Megaphone Spirit

Megaphone Design Ideas and Inspiration! I decorate cheer megaphones. If you're interested I can be contacted via email at You can also visit my blog at (sorry it's not updated very often, but there are some cool ideas posted!).

KHS Megaphones, Kinkaid Falcons, Cheerleading, Megaphone Maven, Purple and Gold

Dacula, Rec Cheer, 13 inch megaphones, Cheerleading, Megaphone Maven

TCC Megaphones, Senior Year, Cheerleading, Megaphone Maven

SHS 19 inch Cheer Megaphone. Red and Black. Polka dots. Megaphone Maven

Megaphone Maven: SHS

SHS 25" Cheer Megaphone. Class of 2014. Megaphone Maven

Megaphone Maven: SHS

Ohio State Cheer Megaphone

Ohio State Cheerleader Home Page

BUCS megaphone example

Megaphones - Megaphones & Bags

Cheer Megaphone with Zebra Lettering

Polka Dot Megaphone, Red, Black and Silver #Cheer

HSU Cheer Megaphone! 32" Forest Green (via Megaphone Maven)

Cheer Megaphone Christmas Ornament! $12.95 for team order!

FALCONS 19" Megaphone

SPIRITwares Embroidery & Gifts ~Cheer Spirit~

Custom 25" Megaphone with Name down the front.

SPIRITwares Embroidery & Gifts ~Cheer Spirit~

Hot Pink Cheer Megaphone! With Glitter Finish!

SPIRITwares Embroidery & Gifts ~Cheer Spirit~

Vintage Cheer Megaphone by sadieolive


Megaphone Mouthpiece covers

Riveted Megaphones!!

Pomchies!! Great megaphone topper!

Dacula D Megaphone with dots! Perfect size for the small cheerleaders. 13"

Mill Creek Hawks Megaphone example

SPIRITwares Embroidery & Gifts ~Cheer Spirit~

Bue and Orange small megaphone! Makes a great birthday gift for a young cheerleader.

SPIRITwares Embroidery & Gifts ~Cheer Spirit~

32" DACULA megaphone example

SPIRITwares Embroidery & Gifts ~Cheer Spirit~