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How to turn a mason jar into a spillproof / bugproof cup with straw.... Plastic Free Sippy Cup? Yes Please! DIY even better! A drill and rubber grommets are all you need! (assuming you already have the jars)

Need to make this for the porch. Take a garage sale frame, add beadboard to fit and paint. Easy!

put a piece of your wedding gown into a necklace for your daughters to wear on their wedding days (something old)

How to make a hand or footprint souvenir at the beach...need to do this before we move!

Simple Dimples: DIY Seat Belt Pillow Hoping this will be a good idea for the kids now that they are growing out of their car seats but still fall asleep during long car rides (and have no place to put their heads).

OMG! So super easy! I could make a bunch of these for myself! The Kurtz Corner: DIY Maxi Dress

Plastic Eggs (Hobby Lobby or anywhere) - 2 Small round pieces of wood per candlestick. -Dowel Rods - Glue - Drill and Drill bits - Spray Paint

DIY Easter Cross Wreath; a great reminder of the HOPE we have this Easter Season! //

Candlesticks, salsa jars, glue, spraypaint. Cute treat jars... or for the bathroom: Q-tips, cotton balls, bobby-pins

Binding Tip, why did I never think of this.