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More like this: glyphs, word games and math workshop.

Q-tip painting templates (printables) GREAT fine motor skills exercise.....that they think is just fun

Previous class makes book for new class :) GREAT end of year activity!! and much less complicated than letters.

It is tough to get the time to look for excellent teaching materials, while you are still busy giving your kids the attention they need. Keeping up wi

20 Ways to Keep Your Students' Attention | Minds in Bloom

Says another pinner: Cinnamon ornaments-- we have these ornaments on our tree from about 20 years ago and they STILL smell amazing! I'm glad to now know how to make them :)

Assessment Bulletin Board. The students can write something they learned on a post it note, and stick it to the door as they leave.

Student Self Reflection before report cards.

Mandy's Tips for Teachers: Five Regions of Georgia

Set up classroom transitions to music that happen automatically on your computer.

"What Note Am I?" - an ice-breaker music game.

Get to know you game list

Classroom timeline displayed in the hallway so that parents/administrators/visitors can see what we have been up to!

Project shows how the Earth goes around the Sun and the Moon goes around the Earth.

Google Sites for Teachers 2012

What a fabulous idea! Make magnets with teacher info for parents on back-to-school night.

Objective board - I like the vocabulary clipboards....

friday journals - students write a note on friday to their parents telling what they learned that week, and parents write a short response back to their child, and the journal comes back monday. for every parent response, students get a sticker to add to the cover. great way to get parents involved and have students take more ownership of their learning!