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Dang, I want one of these. How cool is this? The Virtual Keyboard from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Solar charging backpack that can charge your laptop. From Voltaic. This can be your bug out bag. Charge your phone and flashlights and laptop. Just fill it up with supplies. Grab and run in any emergency.

Another dividing by zero: Black holes

Star Wars Clock = Spraypaint & Glue + Micro Machines

The Tron Light Cycle.

TARDIS Mini Fridge

Tom Hiddleston is awesome.

Laser Guided Pool Cue

The Elliptical Machine Office Desk - Hammacher Schlemmer

Helmet with Rear View. You can see coming and going. Very cool.

Personal Movie Theater.

50 concept cars.

He is...the most interesting wizard in the world.

Ooooh Doctor. How can River put up with you.

USB Transformer Drive - way cool

This Watch’s Design Changes When You Touch It

Futuristic Best Office Chair Design

Plans from Doctor Who

wait for it......awesome!