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Books Worth Reading

I wish I would have read this book at the very beginning of high school because it promotes "feeling infinite" and exposes very controversial drama that most people don't openly discuss.

I read this book in high school and it completely changed how I viewed life. Life is so short and we need to appreciate our parent's youth, community, and the potential to make a difference in other people's lives. Life is such a cycle.

Society has so many authority figures and we are so obedient to people who tell us what to do. Reading this novel made me really question how relevant brainwashing is to our society. This lead me to question my beliefs.

Brinicle by BBC: Brincles are underwater icicles which form in calm seas of polar regions when the air is much colder than the water. Warm ocean water freezes into very dense, salty ice plumes which sink to the ocean floor spreading and killing organisms it touches.