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Super cute easter idea

Fruits of the season: Adding fruity freshness and bright colors for your #spring design

Split green peas to add some irish to your candles. Linked to blog.

A classic looking mantle from The Inspired Room. Love the hydrangeas in the white pitcher.

VICTORIAN COUNTRY COTTAGE-Vanilla Scented-Front Door Wreath-Rustic Spring Wedding-Shabby Chic Summer Wreath-Choose Scent & Ribbon Color. $55.00, via Etsy.

Bahahahahaha. It's over 30 days since my last RedBull. Trying to be good but I do miss them.

Bonus Families®, as an organization was founded in 1999, but the ground work was laid years before. The founders, Jann Blackstone-Ford, PsyD., a divorce and stepfamily mediator, and Sharyl Jupe, had weathered the ups and downs of co-parenting children after divorce for ten years before they felt qualified to form an organization to help others. How did these two women meet? Sharyl is Jann's husband's ex-wife.

loved and lost....finally opened my eyes..should have listened to his first wife...she warned me..

My ex husband's wife is so classy that she attempts to insult me through Pinterest because my Facebook is set to private.

Co-parenting with my Ex is so awesome! They've really become so mature and cooperative since our divorce, said no one ever!!!

I totally feel this way about my husband's ex wife!

This I dedicate to my ex-husband's first wife...may your lies and crap one day catch up to you. May your closest finally see who you really are. You fool many but not me.

A real man doesn't walk out on a little girl at age 9 that has called him DADDY from the day she was born!!! Even if the DNA doesn't match. What about the child's feelings? Oh thats right it's more important for wife#2 to be happy and she hated the ex wife. Wife #2 is so hateful she wanted the entire family to walk out of this precious child's life. My husband and I said HELL NO!!!! She was born into this family we don't give a CRAP about DNA we LOVE HER she is our niece and nothing will ever Change that.

We all know someone like this...*cough* husbands ex wife *cough*

Exactly what I told my husband about his ex wife. She is just so unhappy with her own life that she kept trying to interfere in his. He IS happy because he's not with you anymore.

If you knew my husband's ex-wife, you'd understand that this is a very "special" type of strong.

I wonder if my husband's ex-wife will send me a Mother's Day card this year, since I AM raising her children?

Fact: I'd never want to be my husband's ex wife or ANYTHING at all like her..... But I am a good step mom to her daughter..... Too bad she's too stupid to appreciate that & punishes her daughter for liking me....

  • Stacia Baker

    Jennylynn...we met you once, (once!), and I know how much you love those children and how proud they make you. Keep your head up lady!! :)

What I need to say to the ex-wife!! Lol. 1. You asked him to marry you. 2......

OMG this my husbands ex-wife! Oh and my biological father!!! Acknowledgement is the first step you fucking morons!!