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My DIY Projects: How To Make Summer Bracelet

It's a shower curtain (liner) taped to the kitchen floor. The road is drawn on with permanent marker and the kids can color to their hearts content then drive their cars on it.

Halloween Cupcakes - by VictoriousCupcakes @ - cake decorating website

Ivy Jane's Bakery - Cupcakes

DIY Paper Butterflies - embellishment for cards - bjl

Two spheres of the same size, shape, and material are being dropped into water. On the left, there is almost no splash, whereas on the the right there is a spectacular one. The sphere on the left is hydrophilic, but the right one is hydrophobic.Water fearing molecules push the water away, allowing air to be entrained below the water’s surface creating a big splash that’s absent when the water moves smoothly around the hydrophilic sphere. (Photo: L. Bocquet et al. #Photography #Fluid_Dynamics

Stickers on the dice all have a b or a d -- great activity to force kids to attend to letter shape when reading b/d and writing/tracing b/d

DIY Sumo Wrestler Bowling Pins by sugaranddots: Made with upcycled plastic bottles. #DIY #Kids #Crafts #Bowling

Altered Puzzle. Have each family member decorate their own, then put all together to create a beautiful masterpiece made up of individuals... this also would be cool for a group of friends!

Snowy day activity: Fill bottles with food coloring and water; go outside and paint.Ive got to remember to do this!

Tooth fairy receipt so you can alway remember when they lost their teeth.