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Dry erase boards made out of picture frames! This would be awesome for a teacher's desk to keep reminders/to do's on. Wouldn't get lost in all the other papers :)

Give crazy straws to students as birthday presents! More fun than receiving another pencil and better than giving away candy!

What's the bee-havior buzzzz??? I'm back with Management Monday! I think classroom management {especially behavior management} is MUCHO important. If you can't manage a class, you can't provide your students with the best learning environment. I just wanted to share a few tips I use for managing behavior in my classroom {I've accumulated these ideas from my student teaching-Mrs. K, my mentor teachers, and my teaching experiences}.  Hopefully ya'll have seen my positive reinforcement ideas {here}.  <--- Postitive Reinforcement ideas are by F--A--R the best way to manage a classroom!  But, when you need a little extra for some of those stinkers, here is what I do. I use this little old tool from Lakeshore Learning: When a student is on a green card they have done a great job that day and will get a hole punch in their behavior punch card {see below}. When a student is on a yellow card, they needed reminding that day of the appropriate behavior and must miss out on 2 minutes of recess and no punch in their behavior punch card {see below}. When a student is on a red card, the student did not follow the rules and expectations and must miss all of recess and will have a note sent home {red card report}. I also keep record of students that get red cards and if the note was brought back to school signed. Click the picture to download At the end of each day I used to give each student a sticker on a behavior sticker chart...well...stickers became scarce!  I saw {this} great idea on Eighteen25 and decided I could adapt it for my classroom to save time and money on stickers. If they are on a green card at the end of the day, they get a hole punched in their Behavior Punch Card. After they get 20 hole punches they get to pick out of the prize box! I copy the punch card on colored cardstock {because not only is it functional, it's caauuuttee}. :)  I have my kiddos store theirs in their pencil boxes, but you could add a magnet to the bottom and have them stick them under their desks. Click the picture to download {both girl and boy are included in 1 download} GIRL punch card BOY punch card I send home this behavior contract {my class theme was "bugs" last year so I called it a bee-havior contract}.  I like the contract because it allows for the parents to hold accountability too because they know what is expected. You will obviously have different expectations and what not, but you could copy some of the wording for your own contract : Click the picture to download