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Sumo wrestlers, 2011 by Tomasz Gudzowaty

Tomasz Gudzowaty

A sumo wrestler tosses salt to purify the ring at the Ryogoku stadium in Tokyo, Japan

Sumo wrestlers in their pre-match regalia prior to a bout, Honshu, 1972 by Ian Berry

An elementary school sumo wrestler reacts after his bout at the National Children’s Sumo tournament in Tokyo, Japan on July 30, 2012. (Photo by AP Photo)

Byamba - World Sumo Champion, Japan

Sumo wrestlers in Japan. March 2012 Schedule:

Sumo.  Japan.  Photography by Denis Rouvre

traditional sumo matches

A sumo wrestler walks under cherry blossoms in full bloom on his way to a bout for the 'Honozumo', an exhibition sumo tournament at the Yasukuni Shrine precincts, in Tokyo, Japan

Sumo Wrestlers. Photo taken between 1914 and 1918, Japan. See link for more details…

Detail of original image: two sumo wrestlers walk down a busy street in Shibuya district, Tokyo.

JAPAN. Tokyo. 1985. Sumo wrestlers of the Dewanoumi Beya sumo stable do daily exercises in training camp.  © Burt Glinn/Magnum Photos