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Making Of A Lady | A Runaway Fridge Production

Hasina Haque as Hester Osborne..

Hasina posted this on her imdb.. James looking very bored and thinking of something divinely naughty to do or say, I'm sure... or perhaps concocting a hugely colourful story arc in his head on Alec and malaria

The Making of a Lady debuts on American television this Sunday, Feb. 9 2014 at 10 pm, right after Downton Abbey

Double-click the gif and watch James play badminton... he can go on forever! *chuckle* (thanks, lovewinona)

"no peeking, emily.." -- how I wish the story could have ended with this playful side of Alec.. before he turned all Norman Bates

James D'Arcy and malarial baths..

I think this shot makes up for the previous blurry silhouette :0)

The main light on Lydia had a small square soft box attached to give the defined lighting... to achieve the desired Rembrandt. The 'threat' was played by the big actor James Darcy, who was not best pleased that he would only end up being a silhouette! We shot this image very late in the day when the filming has usually slipped behind schedule. Despite being behind he (director) held up his filming and very kindly let me have them both for sixty seconds only.

Showreel for Alexandra Caulfield, costume designer.

The exquisite costumes in The Making of a Lady via Alexandra Caulfield

behind the set, The Making of a Lady - via Alexandra Caulfield.. *bring out the leeches*

so well-suited to wearing period costumes..