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Hundreds Chart Activities

Student 120 Number Chart {Freebie!}

Student 120 Number Chart {Freebie!}

5 Games to Play With a Hundreds Chart - directions for a couple mention multiplication, however, you could easily adjust to addition.

5 Games to Play With a Hundreds Chart

FREE 120 Chart ideas ... great to send home or use in a math center! From Ship Shape First Grade

Ship Shape First Grade: Go Math and a Freebie 120 Chart!

Math Coachs Corner: More Addition on a Hundred Chart. How kids can show their thinking when adding 2-digit numbers using a hundred chart. Math journal entry and printable.

Math Coach's Corner: More Addition on a Hundred Chart

Math Coach's Corner: New Hundred Chart Resource. Let me introduce you to Building a Wacky Hundreds Chart. It doesn't actually use a hundred chart! It's a cooperative activity that's done in a large circle on the floor using the number cards from the hundred chart, and it uses the hundred chart patterns (1 more, 1 less, 10 more, 10 less).

Math Coach's Corner: Recording Addition on a Hundred Chart. Here's a little freebie for showing addition on a hundred chart. There is one sheet with numbers included and another with spaces so you can add your own numbers. Then I created two more versions with space for kiddos to show their work on on open number line, like I've shown in the photograph below. Keep in mind that there is not a right way to show the work.

Positively Learning: TPT Treasures Part 3: More & Less - This is wonderful for helping kids worth with the hundred chart!