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Lord knows how much I hate this woman but I love this hair

I love the colour and the highlites..

Me Likey. I love the colour. So dark. So sexual.

Despite the fact that I loathe Ashlee Simpson...I like this hair style.

its simple but kinda boring.

I like the colour, I love the curly waves. I don't like the twit that sports it. @Alana Smith

i like this but maybe not quite so elaborate. (my hair wont be long enough for all of that fun curly-o crap) @Alana Smith

I like this length. Which is what I wanted in the first place but the woman didnt listen to me. It still turned out nice but a bit shorter than i wanted. I have to go back and get it trimmed and thinned the hell out.

Medium bob for summer : Hairstyleaa