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just because

Great infographic showing the top ten doomsday scenarios of 2013 as voted on by the people!

Kaleidoscope - Hang this in landscape or portrait orientation and give that room a big bold splash of color!

Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have.

Just like the other sharpie mug projects but this one you put stickers down first, dot all over, then peel off the stickers before putting the mug in the oven!

Free printable Father's Day coupons

Lapas - Cool Craft Hunting - Galerija - 20 000 sekotājus svinam ar iedvesmu -

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every girl should know about this website...incredibly inexpensive. Dresses from $7-20.. Pin now, explore later!!

This website sells cheap art canvas. I will have to remember this! Canvas is NOT cheap.