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When do we want Time Travel?

I wish I had the AFTER picture from this scene. I'm guessing the coke bottle faired better than guy smiley.

This explains it all: snakes are just tails with little faces


WIDE-LOAD: Mini toy truck...

Coffee with a face...

What cats are really saying! Sassy little creatures...

Is this a man throwing away the trash or a juggler giving up on his dream?

My own personal sex tape... (trust me it gets better than this)

A pee station for each beverage type!

Worst road accident ever....

"Sofa . . King", "Sofa..King", "Sofa-King" ~~ SOFA KING! Saying it quickly to yourself you realize why this Northampton UK advertiser was told by the advertising watchdog to ditch the catchphrase

Fantasy Dictators League... bringing fantasy leagues to a brand new level!

If Apple made water... errr iWater?

Your favorite vowel... U? haha

The typical triangle of work

Statue of Liberty - changing with the times. Reflective perspective of our current society

The "real deal" soup heating instructions