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Homemade gummies made from fruits and veggies - a healthy snack kids love!

Healthy Vitamin Recipe: Homemade Fruit and Veggie Gummies

A fun toddler snack idea that is great for fine motor development, too! Snacktivities are so awesome!

Rice Krispies watermellon | Cute for a summer treat!

Frozen Pineapple Pops -- Pineapple, on a stick and frozen Site says "When pineapple freezes it actually has a creamy taste that melts in your mouth. Not to mention, they make a great low calorie snack for adults and a tasty teething treat for a toddler!" Must try this!

very hungry caterpillar FREE printable food labels! there are 3 different pages to download

polkadots and puppies: { grant's 1st birthday party! }

Temporary tattoo on a banana. What kid wouldn't love finding a Spiderman or Hello Kitty banana in their lunchbox?

How to make edible milk paint to make rainbow toast

print out the Caterpillar Straw Template I made, attach to straws, pick your favorite snacks from the book (or whatever you have on hand), and let the kids use their straws to "nibble" through their food.

Almond butter and banana open faced sandwich... A healthy treat or breakfast! Vegan

Gummy Bear Popsicles ~ Gummy Bears & Sprite... What little kid wouldn’t love a Popsicle filled with gummy bears? These are so fun yet so easy to make!

Toddler food - picky eater. Looks like a good way to encourage trying different things :) Maybe also for kids who won't sit for a snack they come up sit eat some, then go back to playing.

Hooper Eats. | The Stork and the Beanstalk

How to make heart-shaped carrots. Great for Valentine's Day dinner!