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Greeting Card Baskets/Boxes

This board is dedicated to my mother-in-law, who, some twenty-five years ago, gifted me with the most charming greeting card basket crafted by her very own hands. It was something I treasured and used every holiday season...until...movers smashed the precious thing beyond recognition! I only hope the ones I can now create are as sweet as those Delores patiently stitched up! Try making one'll be glad you did!

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Vintage Greeting Card Box Shabby Roses and by AlchemyMosaics, $42.00

OKAY!! Here we go! A tutorial to show us exactly how to stitch these little wonders together...for just $5!!!! Thanks Julie!!!! Greeting Card Box Tutorial Victorian Hankie by AlchemyMosaics, $5.00

dutch sisters: Tutorial: Recycled Christmas-card with crochet scallop alternative edging??

Vintage Greeting Card Baskets

a class taught by Charlotte Lyons, basket by Suzanne Duda ♥


christmas card project box... with link to tutorial

Christmas card baskets - OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS
  • Joyce Hastings

    where is the link to tutorial and do you know if there is a is a tutorial for crocheting together? I do a craft class for senior center.need to do this for them. beautiful!!!!!

  • Jan Armentrout

    Joyce...just "click" on the basket will take you directly to the page where I got the information...scroll down to the bottom of the page (there are TWO baskets pictured) and you will see a "tutorial link" explaining how to blanket stitch the basket together along with a pattern for the bottom and sides...give me a little time and I'll see if I can find instructions for crocheting them together...I've been hunting for these instructions myself for a long time too! LOL

  • Jan Armentrout

    Joyce...okay darlin''s your info!!! LOL Go here: blog post 1/3/09...Judy Hedrick provides a pattern with HER instructions on how to crochet the pieces together...go to the BOTTOM of her blog post to find the link she provides for her pattern pieces and instructions. Note that she does say she's never written crochet instructions before BUT how hard can it be with basic single crochet??? Good luck sweetie!!!

Vintage Hand Made Craft Christmas Card Crochet Basket Bowl.


Crafty ideas: Crafty Items made by my sister

Quiltedthrifted's Weblog 12/30/09

Vintage Card Basket | Quiltedthrifted's Weblog
  • Sally Powell

    are there insructions for this card box

  • Sally Powell

    Add a comment...

  • Jan Armentrout

    Sally...The instructions available (if there are any) for each photo come with that particular on this photo, there is a link leading to a pattern.

  • Jan Armentrout

    Sadly, the pattern given appears to be a different size. I would count the number of holes along the side of the pattern, count the number of holes along the side of THIS basket, and adjust accordingly. I think this just might work.

  • Jan Armentrout

    The pattern and tutorial given on the "Serendipity" blog post 1/6/09 is fairly close to this basket and her instructions are very good!

Christmas Cards Slipper...pattern and instructions

Craft Project: Christmas Cards Slipper
  • Carol Puckett

    I hope I get to create these , really cute

  • Brenda Reed

    That is so cute. And if you put a little handle on the "heel," you could hang this from the tree and fill it with a little holly or pine, or put a little gift in it.

  • Maggie Bullock

    I can think of so many ideas for this little treasure.

all I can say is "WOW!"

card dress | whip up
  • Robin Taylor

    Jan, Do you have instructions how to gloss and crochet the vintage cards? Let me know.

  • Jan Armentrout

    Robin...the only instructions I've been able to find have been pinned to this board...very frustrating trying to find the kind of "join" my MIL used and she doesn't do this anymore. As for glossing the doesn't have to do that, but if you prefer to I would suggest Mod Podge or a similar decoupage medium!

  • Robin Taylor

    My late mother used to make vintage christmas card basket and she crocheted with real thin thread (red) and I wish she could give me instructions. She did hers very perfect and it was like antiqued glossy. That was during the 70's and her basket was stolen from the attic while my father was alive that time. I was just searching. Thank you for information.

VERY good instructions...however, I was unable to retrieve the pattern download supposedly made available.

Basket - Canadian Living
  • Rosie Armentrout

    My great aunt Honey used to make these as our Easter baskets-how I wish I'd saved a few!

instructions and pattern from "Serendipity" blog post 1/3/09

Serendipity: Basket made from Christmas Cards

tutorial and pattern courtesy of "Serendipity" blog post 1/6/09

Serendipity: Another Basket

Handmade Greeting Card/Crochet Basket. $8.50, via Etsy.

Vintage Retro Kitsch Stitched Chistmas Bowl. $19.50, via Etsy.

Vintage Hand Made Craft Christmas Card Crochet Basket Bowl. $28.00, via Etsy.

Vintage Hand Made Craft Christmas Card Crochet Basket Bowl. $28.00, via Etsy.

recycled card basket...tutorial

Recycled Christmas Card Basket - All Free Crafts

Vintage Greeting Card Basket $22.00, via Etsy.


Vintage Crocheted Greeting Card Baskets - Antiques & Collectables

tutorial w/pattern

How to Make a Crocheted Greeting Card Bowl