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Wise words for many people to consider. Positive reinforcement and encouragement can DO wonders!!

Today we're answering the reader question I receive so frequently: How do I begin to read and study the Bible for myself? Would love it if you'd share and come by with your ideas!

This goes along with both my Malachi and The Untroubled Heart bible studies that I am taking. I am motivated to find all 365 "Do not be afraid" verses in the Bible.

Humility is not thinking less of yourself... humility is thinking of yourself less.

52 key bible verses to memorize - one for each week of the year. She says even if you don't memorize anymore after this, you are armed with God's word to tackle nearly everything in life!

Stephen Covey - 12 Things Happy People Do Differently

Love this to use as a guide for mothers and grandmothers that pray.