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Spaghetti Squash Caprese Bake. // Good, and fairly healthy/GF/low-carb. I added parmesan on top instead of more mozzarella. Definitely felt like I was eating a pasta dish without eating a pasta dish :)

60 ounces Purified Water 2 TBS Diet Cranberry Juice 2 TBS Lemon Water 1 Bag Dandelion Tea - Stewed ( I found my tea at Walmart in the beverage isle near the crystal light) This is a replacement of normal water intake and not a meal replacement!!

Drinks That Shrink Your Belly “Dieting” usually leads to water loss, not weight loss. By eating a sensible balanced diet and exercising regularly, you will lose weight more gradually, but it will be more likely to stay off. An excellent way to kick start any weight loss program and to aid in shrinking that belly is to do a “juice detox” to stimulate your system and energize your intentions!

Baked Bang Bang Cauliflower - Baking much easier than the pan-fried version, and they came out just as described. We used Thai sweet chili sauce and a dash of Sriracha; omitted the sugar.