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L&D Responses to Change

Metaphors for reaction of L&D to evolution/recognition of workplace learning.

"You can't learn without a teacher or trainer."

Are we gonna ride the coming wave or watch as it blows past us?

  • C4LPT

    ... or consumes us completely .. without trace?

  • Tom Spiglanin

    And if we've been completely marginalized, will anyone know we're missing, let alone care?

  • Kathleen Kruse

    We can innovate our way through it -- tow-in surfing let's you ride the guns -- but innovators need to be prepared to take the flack. There are always tradeoffs, eh?

"Our vendor partners have told us that we need to spend the next 5 years getting all our content online into our LMS before we should start thinking about social stuff. They are going to help us create lots of exciting new courses."