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Learning/Teaching Metaphors

What do these metaphors tell us about our beliefs on learning, teaching, learners, teachers, and the state of training and development today?

"...metaphor is not linguistic window-dressing, it reveals fundamental operations of mind."

Turning gears. Via Jeffrey Heil's "What Does Learning Look Like?" board

The tree: a learner is much more than what is visible from the outside. Also, you have to look for soil that matches to you as a learner, where you can grow. From Thieme Hennis (@Jane Bozarth Learning/Teaching Metaphors)

Teaching as 'edutainment'. Some of the most venerated trainers in my personal world believe and practice according to this. One calls it "entertrainment". (@Jane Bozarth Learning/Teaching Metaphors)

Bye Bye E-Learning: Emergent Learning Paradigm More Important Than Digital Delivery Tools via @Jay Cross en Google+ (@Jane Bozarth Learning/Teaching Metaphors)

Electron conduction--related to networked but also represents mono > polyphonic and force multiplier. Thanks to Steve Flowers @xpconcept

fitting pieces together

Networked learning: learning is web of connected people (@Jane Bozarth Learning/Teaching Metaphors)

Learning web: learning is collection of connected objects (@Jane Bozarth Learning/Teaching Metaphors)