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Webinar participant Randall Ulrich: "Sample sabre fencing lesson. This lesson is one example of the system I created for teaching the sport of fencing to Deaf athletes. No system currently exists, so I created one. The system utilizes a combination of American Sign Language (ASL), natural gestures, visual signals which already exist in fencing, and signs created specifically for teaching the sport, when no other signs or signals exist." Sharing tool: YouTube

Tom Paxton is Kickstarting funding for a new album: funders get a view of his work process as they are given access to his online journal.

Tom Paxton's New Recording-Redemption Road

Excellent example of the difficulties in documenting and sharing tacit knowledge. "You've got to love on it a little bit."

Learning to Cook a Good Pot of Rice

Seinfeld writer describes process behind the scripts.

How Classic Seinfeld Episodes Were Written -- Vulture

Canadian immigration attoryney Liz Wozniack offers first-person explanations of her work understanding and applying complex immigration lawas.

Liz’s Blog – Elizabeth Wozniak Inc

Now available from Amazon, etc.

Need some help showing your work? Here's a great slide deck with tips for digital writing.

Build Your Digital Writing Toolbox: Collaboration Edition

Larry Straining previews an upcoming workshop. Sharing tool: Facebook.

Michelle Ockers is now showing her work!

Peggy gets it.

Sharing tool: Twitter.

Euan Semple: "Megan Murray and I talked about vulnerability and the benefits that come from being willing to be vulnerable. We learn more from each other if we stop pretending that everything is easy. We get to address problems if we admit to having them. We get to work things out together. This seems like a good thing." Sharing tool: Podcast. #ShowYourWork - Jane Bozarth

Shift - Episode 021 - Vulnerability

Make your calendar public! #ShowYourWork-Jane Bozarth

Want to #workoutloud? Start with your "private" calendar.

TED Talk: "The Military Case for Sharing Knowledge". Sharing tool: Video. #ShowYourWork JaneBozarth

The military case for sharing knowledge

The Corgi-Uke (Corgilele): The Backstory. Project evolved via conversation on Twitter. Sharing tool: Blog. #ShowYourWork Jane Bozarth

hcw3-string » The Corgi-uke

Karl Kapp describes "working to combine story, game-elements and game-thinking into one comprehensive, interactive presentation that both demonstrates the concepts I am discussing and provides ideas on how to employ these concepts into your own design. The goal is to model the concepts in the presentation and serve as an example of what can be accomplished by combining those elements." #ShowYourWork Jane Bozarth

The teacher was asked: "How does your assignment help students think more deeply?" #ShowYourWork Jane Bozarth

Winners from the eLearning Guild's Learning Solutions 2014 Conference's "Solution Fest". Sharing tool: Website #ShowYourWork Jane Bozarth

""When employees hide knowledge, they trigger a reciprocal distrust loop in which coworkers are unwilling to share knowledge with them.” In other words, everyone is worse off.""

Teacher Ike Gilbert shows off a school renovation project he completed with his class. Sharing tool: Facebook. #ShowYourWork-Jane Bozarth