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Jane Cochrane

Jane Cochrane

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Birds of a feather (2) ...

Birds of a feather (1) ....

My attempt to capture the light and beautiful colour of the Ionian Sea

Peter Cochrane 2013

Interesting shadows and flashes of light illuminating the hull of this old fishing boat at low tide at Woodbridge, Suffolk.

I loved the reflections caused by the mooring lines between these lovely old barges at Woodbridge, Suffolk

A line-up of lovely rowing boats outside the Boathouse restaurant at Dedham in Suffolk. This painting is really just a study for a larger version.

Fishermen's Huts on a rainy day at Southwold ... these huts have evolved over many years

Two lovely boats moored together in the calm of Southwold Harbour (Suffolk, UK)

Lapwing, ... also known as a peewit, or green plover

Snowball the hen. Snowball is a beautiful hen, very curious and into everything but she often looks slightly affronted as though she can smell a bad smell!

Sir Galahad the rooster. My friend's cockerel. Struts around making a lot of noise, eats everything but produces nothing! :-)

Rainbow the hen. One of my friends hens that I sometimes feed. This one was called rainbow by her children because of the lovely refraction of colours in her feathers

Egret - clear water, sunlit day

Rowing boats photo, royalty free image download, #1065

Can really recommend this - it was delicious!

An experiment in an abstract impression of foggy autumnal trees

A gift for my daughter in law

A lovely scene of an old barn surrounded by near ripe barley just as the sun breaks through during a heavy downpour.

A painting for my friend's wedding - it shows her son and dog playing on a poppy strewn bank in her garden

An old water bowser in a local orchard

Third of the Adrenaline Junkie series ... not sure what I think of this one ... what is your view?

Second picture in the Adrenaline Junkie series

Southwold boats