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.Pumpkin picking!

Our Simply Magical Fall Collection. Feeling bewitched?

Harvest table!

  • Diane Boswell

    Ahhh yes! Fall is so refreshing after the sweltering summer heat! You suddenly find more energy. The doors and windows can be opened to let the cool breeze through and it smells so good. Time to start thinking about all the upcoming festivals, family gatherings, school functions. Lots of baking to do with the freshly harvested apples, pumpkins and the blueberries frozen from the summer. Oh, and the Winter Bals are coming up also. Lots of dress up time. This is going to be lots and lots of fun!! Oh dear! What dress? What color?? Help!!

  • Patricia H

    This looks so inviting and relaxing.

  • DonnaJ

    What a great setting to have lunch during the fall!

  • jane iredale - THE SKIN CARE MAKEUP

    Thank you all for your comments! Congratulations to winner @Diane Boswell. Diane, please e-mail us at Happy Pinning!

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Caramel apples!

  • Patricia H

    I love apple picking. These looks so easy to make and delicious. Definitely gotta try this Fall.

  • DonnaJ

    These look delicious, plus I love the colors in the pic!

  • Amanda Schwartz

    This is one thing I can't wait for every year! When fall comes around so does the caramel apples! Love!

  • Lisa Brown

    This is why I love the fall...the fall treats one can consume at festivals. It's such a great time of year to see the leaves change, the air becomes cool, and Halloween is so fun!

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Cozy up for a picnic

Art in Tartan - Country Living
  • DonnaJ

    Love the plaid blankets for a cool weather picnic!

  • laura ari

    During the fall, I sit through a lot of soccer games. These blankets look like they could keep us snuggly warm!

Falling leaves

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Autumn walkway

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Taking a break in the leaves

Rock hopping

  • Camilla Jensen

    I'm excited for Fall because of the dark color palette - in makeup and in clothes - you get to renew yourself in a more thoughtful and not as flashy way. Summer is all about POW and with Fall comes thoughtfulness. I love the change

  • July Flame

    Gorgeous! Love the plaid.

  • July Flame

    Plaid always makes me in the mood for Fall!

  • DonnaJ

    Gorgeous shade of green! Such an inspiring photo for fall!

Apple picking

  • Heather S

    I am excited for apples and cider doughnuts and fall festivals, the crisp air and beautiful foliage.

  • Kristine Lowe

    apple picking is my favorite fall activity...the delight last for days and my son loves homemade applesauce :)

  • DonnaJ

    Definitely want to go apple picking this year!

  • Jsw l

    ah wellies! can't wait to pull them on.

Leaf peeping

  • Patricia H

    Fall is such a beautiful canvas. Nature is such a beautiful work of art.

  • DonnaJ

    Beautiful scene for fall!

  • Nancy Reid

    I miss the change of seasons I so enjoyed living in New York state!

  • Joanna Bu

    Looks like perfect fall weather to me!

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Meet you at the bottom!

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Scarves and sweaters :)

  • Ally Patterson

    I absolutely LOVE any excuse to wear knit hats and scarves, so I get so excited about Fall. Plus, the smell of fallen leaves and cool air? You can't beat that. :)

  • Amber Landez

    I love fall because I like bark colors the blacks and browns and of coures the upcoming holidays

  • Jill Schmidt

    Love this look, so snuggly. Love the colors.

  • DonnaJ

    Comfy and chic!

  • Amanda Schwartz

    This outfit is super cute and might I add that it looks comfy too! Fall is the best season! And I mean THE BEST!

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