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Recipe for d.i.y. wrinkle-release spray...except that in the time it takes to make the spray, spray the shirt & wait for it to dry, you could have ironed seven shirts.

I don't care how ripped you just lost major personality points, buddy.

Classic example of a solution that is more trouble than the problem it's trying to solve. Honestly, how long did it take to thoroughly wash that ketchup bottle & funnel batter into it?

  • Gayle Washburn

    I thought the same thing when I saw this!! how hard is it to use a ladle?

Taking the oversized light fixture a bit too far, or is this design satire? Either way, it sucks.

This ladder in the middle of the bathroom would drive me nuts until I was forced to set it alight.

  • Gayle Washburn

    plus the kids would be jumping all over all the time you're trying to make yoself pretty.