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A fun and simple lesson on symmetry using LEGOs and a sticky-winged butterfly from Fun at Home with Kids

Learning Symmetry with LEGOs and Butterflies

My latest greatest math tool find. Draw a number line with sharpie on a ziploc slider bag and use the slider as the tool to add or subtract two numbers. I just filled the bags with addition and subtration cards. I put a piece of white paper in the bag also because it made the numbers a little easier to see. Note: This also shows " than, which helps kids who can't grasp that concept.

Mrs. T's First Grade Class: Ziploc Slider Bag Number Lines

Imperishably Beautiful: {Teaching} Fraction Hopscotch Allison's adaptations: kids name an equivalent fraction, compare the 2 fractions, add or subtract 2 fractions etc.

Imperishably Beautiful: {Teaching} Fraction Hopscotch

This is such a neat trick for subtraction with regrouping that would save a TON of mistakes regrouping across zeros!

PATTIES CLASSROOM: Pattern Blocks Activities and Geometry for Kids. Love this idea for using punched out or sticker #pattern blocks for teaching #symmetry or #geometry shapes for young kids.

Get kids up, moving, and talking - with purpose! Counting within 1000 and skip counting by 5s, 10s, and 100s to practice place value. Common Core aligned for 2nd grade, and a good review for 3rd grade. $

Here's a game for practicing addition of three-digit numbers. Can be adapted to practice subtraction as well.

Third Grade Math Apps - Subtraction - Three digit subtraction Worksheet

Second Grade Math Apps - Three digit subtraction - Count on hundreds tens ones Worksheet

Telling Time Poster. Paste in math journals or enlarge to make an anchor chart. Similar to the chart available in the Math Reference Booklet....

Division Strategies Anchor Chart