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color analysis deep winter soft (toned)

Deep Winter Soft or Toned Winter: This is a new category. A touch of gray added, which mutes the clearest winter colors, but only slightly.

Loving these pieces from French Connection! They call this gorgeous color, Nocturnal, a pretty Navy Blue color. | Fab is Everyday Design.

Kaetlin draped a Soft Winter

And so these women realized that they had no real season... they weren't real Deep Soft Summers nor Dark Winters. Solution? Take a large dose of Dark Winter's intensity and another one of its cold and heavy depth, then combine it with just a light touch of Soft Summer's grey, and there you go, a new color palette was ready: SOFT DEEP WINTER.

Coloressential - English version: AND THE 12 SEASONS BECAME 16


Coloressential - English version: THE SOFT SIDE OF WINTER

But, besides Ginnifer Goodwin I wasn’t able to find another example of Soft Winter. Maybe the concept is hard even to picture, due to the fact that we think about Winter as the season with the purest strongest colors of all, so the idea of SOFT is not integrating in such a ...majestic context.

Coloressential - English version: THE SOFT SIDE OF WINTER

Of course is still winter, but the white and the black are not slashing through the air and smiting the eyes anymore -- they are dimmed down. Everything is veiled by a lead gray shade. Enough to soften the sharp and severe colors of the winter but still allowing the depth and the coolness of this season to shine through. The seasonal system has included in the winter category people who reflect with their coloring the dark shadows, the neat contrasts and the icy shades of this season:

Coloressential - English version: THE SOFT SIDE OF WINTER

I know I've been doing a lot of uber dramatic deep winter looks, so I decided to do a look that is still consistent with deep winter shades, but on the 'softer' side of the spectrum.  I wanted to do a softer burgundy-brownish/pink lip with a smudged out black liner.  I decided to use copperplate by MAC on my lid into the crease and then used smolder eyeliner and smudged it out with carbon eyeshadow (also MAC) before finishing with black mascara.  I mixed my two favourite blushes (Raizin and Feve