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They write, "One day my brother and his friends went to this haunted, deserted house that's over 180 years old. It's in Antioch, TN. They brought their camera and took pics, and things showed up in the pics that weren't there. I circled them in red." Find out information on paranormal locations at

Female skull from 300BC, found in a megalithic chamber tomb in Roque d'Aille in the Var. Exposed to a pyre. The skull had been trepanned -- carved open with flint and operated on for 3 hours. The artificial ear is made of seashell (spondylus Graederopus). Signs of wear (likely from the woman playing with her ear) show that the woman lived for many years after the open brain operation.

Deep Pore Clearer. From another pinner: "I'm repinning this because I just tried it. I'm never buying pore strips again. This is amazing!!!!" It looks super gross, but I'm up for giving everything a try once!

1850s vampire killing kit in ivory case. Ivory clad percussion pistol with removable dagger. Kit includes caps, balls, ivory powder bottle, and ram rod.

gotta love phrenology

Zombie gnomes! @Emily Morton..........eeeeewwwww!

Kinda looks like daddy ditched mommy and picked up a hooker!

baby hippo. can it be true? Nope , hairless guinea pig