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How To Make Flour Hearts Anywhere by apracticalwedding: Follow the hearts to the ceremony! #Wedding #Flour_Hearts

DIY Graphic Design 101 by apracticalwedding #Wedding #Invitations #DIY

Celebration Balloons by bonbonballoons: Better than confetti? Imagine these under the canopy of a wedding party tent. #Balloons #Confetti

DIY Wedding Day Survival Kit by dreamstateinspiration #DIY #Wedding #Survival_Kit

DIY Wedding Day Survival Kit by dreamstateinspiration #DIY #Wedding #Survival_Kit

  • Jamie Schmidt

    @Michelle Cramer ..... you will need this

  • Natalie Reynolds

    lip balm! Lots of kissing... :)

  • Rachel Bush

    I'm getting married in two weeks and almost all of this seems useless.

  • Natalie Reynolds

    My niece got married a month ago and needed almost every one of these things. In fact, we had a massive search for tweezers because that was the one thing I forgot in her wedding survival kit :) Even if you think you don't need it, pack it. Don't stress yourself out!

  • BagsQ

    so wonderful..

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DIY Poppy Bouquet by Leigh Okies Design,100layercake. Photo by Molly Feit #DIY #Bouquet #Poppies

Dessert Wine Gelees with Citrus Fruit by marthastewart #Gelees #Desserts

24-"Carrot" Cupcakes by marthastewart #Cupcakes #Wedding

Layered Gelee by marthastewart: Graphic layers of flavored gelee (rosewater, ginger, lychee, and rose champagne. #Bridal_Shower_Desserts

DIY Cloud Lights for your Wedding by weddinghigh: Be sure that little or no heat is generated by the flameless candles you choose and do not leave unattended. Photo by Alexis Mire. #DIY Cloud_Lights #Wedding weddinghigh

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  • Natausha Bly

    maybe, since the imprint says "marry me" this particular ring is the result of a boyfriend not knowing the right size, but in general if you got the right size, you could absolutely get a ring that left an impression without cutting off circulation. It shouldn't leave a mark from the top and bottom of the band, just from the imprinting words.

  • Diana Leal

    This ring brands its wearer

  • Stacy Cotner

    It does look painful.

  • Howard Kwong

    what a great gift for your favorite polygamist!

  • Maybe Fashion

    beautiful wedding ring!

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books as party favors - perfect for a library wedding

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DIY Wedding Favor Packaging by marthastewart: Free template to download! #Wedding #Party_Favors #marthastewart #Dahlia_Favor

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Simplicity by marthastewart: Beauty in minimalism and repetition by showcasing an affordable blossom from your bouquet. #Wedding #Flower_Arrangement #Centerpiece #marthastewart

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Easter lilies

  • Iris Lemos

    Gorgeus! is it "morning glory"? I think so.

  • Ru Wicar

    very beautiful

  • Michelle Kennedy

    I need directions on how to do this as well as price my daughter is getting married in April.

  • Janet Mohr

    Probably made with asiatic lilies & pothos vines. Stunning but very!!!! pricey.

  • Katherine Kimbrough

    go to jo anns! i am using lillies and ivy for my wedding and this is perfect. jo ann fabrics has VERY realistic flowers and other great stuff for crafting at way cheaper. and you can have it as a keepsake forever, use it for other things. :)

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Kiss confetti

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DIY Ribbon Wands by stylemepretty: Salute the newly weds with these pretty wands. Makes for a great photo op! #Wedding #Ribbon_Wands #stylemepretty

  • Anne Sweeney

    my grand girls have had a ball with these .. i want to come up with shinny fancier ones ..

  • BagsQ


DIY Butterfly Rice Tosser by Posh Paperie + Jackie Wonders via styleme pretty: Fill these with rice or confetti for your big day. #Wedding #DIY #Rice_Thrower #stylemepretty #Posh_Paperie _Jackie_Wonder

  • Magda Salinas

    m me encanto!!!!

  • Sarah Prunty

    This is wonderful! I have been looking to do something besides the typical bubbles; since I am allergic to bubbles and really don't want hives on my wedding day. :/

  • Rhonda Tarvin

    rice will kill birds if they eat it, better to use birdseed.

  • Debbie Guardino

    Again...rice will not kill birds if they eat it....How do the birds live that eat the rice from the fields? Has anyone heard of the birds being killed from that? NO. Many birds eat rice as a part of their regular diet... go look on and do a little research people...Yes, It's nice to put out bird seed for the birds, but rice doesn't kill them.....

  • Pamela Poldrugac

    plus, using birdseed to be trown at you on your wedding is just ridiculous.. who throws birdseed on the newlyweds?? Every thing has its occasion.. wedding not being an occasion for birdseed, that i am sure of.. otherwise, why not throw bread crumbs, i am sure the birds would just love that.. Here is a thougt- why not have someone clean that rice after you.. i am sure that would make everybody happy.. apart from the birds, unfortunately..

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Tying the Knot Save the Date Card.

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