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4 Great Glazes by marthastewart #Infographic #Glazes

Natural Food Coloring Guide by bakecakery #Infographic #Natural_Food_Color_Guide

Natural Food Coloring Guide « The Bake Cakery The Bake Cakery

Pie Crust Upgrades by marthastewart #Infographic #Pie_Crusts

Stone Fruit to Dessert by mbroy for garlicmysoul #Infographic #Stone_Fruit #Dessert

Educate Your Plate: Stone Fruit - Garlic My Soul

The Chemistry of Avocado by compoundchem #Infographic #Avocado

Why Do Avocados Turn Brown? - The Chemistry of Avocados

Lethal Doses of Common Chemicals by compoundchem #Infographic #Water #Caffeine #Alcohol #Lethal_Doses

Lethal Doses of Water, Caffeine and Alcohol

Beetlemania by Adam Frost and Paulo Estriga: Can insects feed the world? #Infographic #Entomophagy #Insects #Food

Beetlemania: should we all be eating insects?
  • Expo 2015 Milano

    Hi Jane. This is Expo 2015, the World's Fair that will take place in Milan in the next year. Our Sustainability, Food Waste and Climate Change boards are full of infographics about food and our planet. And we have a whole board about food&environment quotes. Take a look! Cheers

  • Tiffany Parsons

    Too bad GeoEngineering is killing our bugs and bees...

Master of Chopsticks by Yong Wen Yeu via theworldofchinese: Dos and Don'ts. #Infographic #Chopsticks

How to Be A Chopsticks Master | The World of Chinese

Master of Chopsticks- Skills by Yong Wen YeuChopstick via theworldofchinese: With these different ways of handling chopsticks, you can pick up rice, noodles, and even beans. You can also beat eggs with a pair of chopsticks, and break pieces of food apart. #Infographic #Chopsticks

How to Be A Chopsticks Master | The World of Chinese

How to Eat Sushi by nikonikonj #Infographic #Sushi

Niko Niko Sushi: How to

Best Back-to-School Breakfasts by yorktest via foodista. Image source #Infographic #School_Breakfast

Infographic: Best Back-to-School Breakfasts

School Lunches From Around the World by ogosport #Infographic #School_Lunches #International

School lunches from around the world
  • Kayla Howley

    The USA lunch is accurate as someone who just graduated from high school. Kids do not receive nutritional lunches, at least not here.

  • Amy Crabill

    Unfortunately the USA lunch at our HS looks VERY similar to this one! Chicken nuggets....I challenge EVERYone to research exactly how chicken nuggets are made. This is what we feed our children during the school day and expect greatness! So sad!

  • Anna Hoepner

    USA lunch look pretty accurate to me too.

  • Rene Sammons

    My son went to middle school in England. He came home every day talking about how great lunch was. He learned to love sheppards pie, bangers and mash, and lots of other stuff. Was his favorite part of the day.

  • Amy Jordan

    That French lunch looks amazing

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How to Eat a Lobster by foodrepublic #Infographic #Lobster

Infographic: How To Eat A Lobster

Spice Chart by adventuresinspice #Infographic #Spices

Adventures In Spice
  • Karen MommaBell

    I love this for young or new cooks!

  • Kornelia

    Oregano and cheese? It's the best mix of all. This is bulls*it! No salt in pasta? Really?! Who made this?

25 Ridiculously Healthy Foods by carlycavery #Infographic #Healthy_Foods

Carly C Avery Graphic Design
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Nutrition in Produce by Russell van Kraayenburg, chasingdelicious #Infographic #Nutrition #Produce

Chasing Delicious | Kitchen 101: Nutrition in Produce