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Foodie Infographics

Cooking Formulas for Salad Vinaigrettes via cooksmarts #Infographic #Salad_Dressing #Vinaigrette

10 Easy Homemade Soups by shape #Soup #Easy #Healthy

  • Hoyte Goree

    Thanks so much!

  • Bobbi Cooper

    Good to see instruction to cook herbs and spices first. Many don't know that doing this allows them to "bloom", bringing out the flavors rather than adding them to the liquid.

  • Noel

    Thanks Mom! I've actually pinned this before!

10 WAYS TO BE A BETTER BAKER [INFOGRAPHIC]: These practical kitchen tips will transform your baking routine. #Infographic #Baking

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Making Half a Recipe by culinaryconfessional: A handy chart for halving and third-ing your recipes. #Infographic #Cooking #Recipe_Calculator

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This Color-Coded Chart Helps You Pick the Most Nutritious Produce by chasingdelicious via lifehacker: Eat the rainbow! Different fruits and veggies get their colors from the various phytochemicals found in them, and those phytochemicals offer different nutritients when they're eaten. A colorful diet is a fast way to get a lot of vitamins and minerals without much effort. #Infographic #Nutrition #Phytochemicals

  • Sandi Smiley

    What a fun way to pick and choose what to eat for a vegetarian.

How to Cook Grains by Anna Monette Roberts, yumsugar: If you tend to buy the likes of rice and quinoa out of the bulk bin, then chances are your grains don't come with cooking instructions. Here is a handy list. #Infographic #Cooking #Grains

Wine and Food Pairing Chart by winefolly #Infographic #Wine_Pairing

Health Benefits Wild Blueberries by USDA via wildblueberries: 'Wild blueberries are stars in terms of their antioxidant capacity.' #Infographic #Blueberries #Wild #Antioxidant #Health

Around-the-world-in-80-drinks-infographic by Peter Pham via foodbeast: Thanks to @Vikram ! #Infographic #Drinks #Global

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The Anatomy of Sangria - Ultimate Recipes for How to Make Sangria by winemag: Fruity or fizzy? Red or white? Here's how to easily make your own tasty sangria. # Foodie_Infographic #Sangria

Health Benefits of Nuts via dailysuperfoodlove: Consuming 1.5 ounces of unseasoned nuts daily as part of a healthy diet may reduce the risk of heart disease. Reap the health benefits of nuts by eating them in replacement of foods that are high in saturated fats and limit your intake of these tasty treats to 1 to 2 oz per day. #Infographic #Nuts

How to Create the Perfect Thanksgiving Menu by savvyeat: All the recipes should be linked in the infographic above. But just in case, click through for the links. #Infographic #Thanksgiving #Feast

The Modern Farmer Pie Chart of Pies: Here is Modern Farmer’s guide to eating seasonally – through pie. #Infographic #Pies #Seasonal_Eating

How to Choose Wine by winefolly via businessinsider; Thanks to @S A M U E L ✖ M A C H E L L ! #Infographic #Wine

  • maged fadl

    Hhhhhh brandy

  • Suzanne Sparks

    Lauren - I also tend to drink beer more than wine because I like drinking locally, and in my area there are many more breweries than wineries. Johanna - a lot of upscale liquor stores have gift cards now, wrap one up with this flowchart, so they can be as un-helped as we were.

  • Lauren Perry

    I'm into that - I just moved to wine country from Bend, Oregon (most craft breweries per capita in the US) and there just aren't as many good beer options around anymore.

  • Ashley Frye

    I am a wino and was told to get out! Whatever. I drink what I like and don't care who's going to judge me for it. Doesn't that take all the fun out of it anyway?

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DIY Custom Cocktails by eatmakeread. Here is the link: #Cocktails