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1950's ESCAPE Canvas Bag by forestbound #Bag #Escape

1950's ESCAPE Canvas Bag - FORESTBOUND

Tricera Hi-Tops by Arcaix Laboratories: Available in sizes for kids and adults. #Shoes #Triceratops

Keith Haring #Tee


Pluto by lookhuman #Tee #Pluto

Pluto | HUMAN | T-Shirts, Tanks, Sweatshirts and Hoodies
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EvoFit Enso Roller: Comes with adjustable foam-wrapped discs. #Muscle_Roller

The 2014 Summer Buyer’s Guide

How to Foam Roll Like a Pro by greatist #Infographic #Foam_Roller

How to Foam Roll Like a Pro

How to Choose Sunglasses to Flatter Your Face by Amna Hashmi, #Sunglasses #Frames

Eye Candy – The Express Tribune

How to Choose Sunglasses by A great article about lens material, tint, coatings, construction, polarized lenses, UV and visual light transmission, hinges, nose pieces and fitting tips! i

Native Eyewear Bigfork Polarized Sunglasses - Men's

Sada Bike is spokeless and folds down to the size of an umbrella. via damngeeky #Bicycle

Sada Bike: Hub-less bike that folds to the size of an umbrella

'Zip' Gun, This Hand-Held Self-Maneuvering Unit was used by astronaut Ed White in the first American "spacewalk" (free space extra-vehicular activity, EVA), on Gemini 4, June 3, 1965. It is an integral unit that contains its own high pressure metering valves and nozzles required to produce controlled thrust. A camera is mounted on the front of the unit. #Gemini_4 #Zip_Gun #NASA

File:HHMU.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

iPhone 5 vs GoPro by Ben Boswell, dxomark: The key to understanding the GoPro results is the extremely wide angle of its lens (170°) compared to that of a typical smartphone camera (70°).This wide angle is very important for an action camera that can be helmet-mounted. It may record an entire event before the user can look at the video. However, it makes some specifications easier to achieve, and some much more difficult... #Video #GoPro #iPhone_5

GoPro HERO3 Black Edition: Super Hero…

Nordic Grip Mini: Smart. The Nordic Grip Mini is developed to especially for those who don’t usually wear ice grips. #Ice_Grips

Mini | Nordic Grip

OP/TECH USA 18" Rainsleeve (Set of 2) 9001132 via bandhphto: $6.49 for a set of 2. #Photography #Camera #Rainsleeve

OP/TECH USA 18" Rainsleeve (Set of 2) 9001132 B&H Photo

Which memory card should I buy? by Jenna Gregory, whatdigitalcamera #Photography #Memory_Cards

  • Joni E K Pockl

    Stay away from SCAN DISC. IF YOU FAIL to safely remove them as the instructions indicate you lose everything. They even came out with a 70 dollar recovery program . Burn job. I'd stick with Sony or amd

  • Alex

    Sandisk? Never had a problem with them. Been using them for years.

  • Joni E K Pockl

    All I ever had were problems ....

Olympus E-M10 Review by imaging-resource #Cameras #Olympus_E_M10

Olympus E-M10 Review - Overview

IVALO-L BUGrip by icebug: Outsole with dynamic carbide tip studs gives confidence on ice but walks completely civilized on pavement and other surfaces. #Boots #Winter #Traction #Icebug

IVALO-L BUGrip | Sweden