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Household Weapons

156 Pins

Household Weapons

  • 156 Pins

Star Spangled Spatula by J. Riley-Wasserman for areaware: This is what I want to flip burgers with! #Spatula #Patriotic

Star Spangled Spatula

A Guide to Natural, DIY Cleaning Products by Peter Grisby, inhabitat #DIY #Cleaning_Products

INFOGRAPHIC: A Guide to Natural, DIY Cleaning Products
  • Infinity Jars

    Amazing detailed post, thank you! Check out our board on storage solution for large batch of DIY cleaners. Our jars can extend the shelf-life of plant based cleaning products for over 6 months, if needed!

Breville Fast Slow Cooker via williamssonoma: Preprogrammed settings include sauté/sear; slow cook high; slow cook low; pressure cook high, medium and low; steam; and keep warm. #Cooking #Pressure_Cooker #Breville

Breville Fast Slow Cooker
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Crock Pot WeMo by Belkin via mnn: Control a WiFi slow cooker with your iPhone or Android #Crock_Pot #WiFi

Belkin cooks up a Crock-Pot for well-connected kitchens

Crock-Pot Digital Slow Cooker with iStir Stirring System: Stirs while it cooks. #Crock_Pot #Self_Stirring

Kitchen Gadgets for the Cooks on Your Gift List

Dough Whisk by kingarathurflour: Gently blend batters you don't want to beat. Available in two sizes. #Kitchen_Utensils #Dough_Whisk

Nest Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide™ does much more than just sound a shrill alarm when there’s danger in your home. It speaks to you, tel... #Home_Safety #Smoke_Detector

Nest Protect Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm | MOCO Vote

Fiskars Package Opener and Snap-in Screwdriver: Powerful offset blades conquer clamshell packaging and those hard to reach places. #Scissors #Package_Opener

Gefu Spirelli Spiral Vegetable Cutter - Create endless julienne strips from zucchini, carrots, squash, cucumbers, and radishes for healthier raw pastas, stir-fries, garnishes, and more. Similar to a pencil sharpener, just insert a firm vegetable and twist it into the special Japanese stainless steel blades to produce perfect strips. Find it here #Kitchen_Utensils #Spiral_Cutter

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Chef’n Strawberry Huller by williams-sonoma: Push-button stainless-steel “claw” inserts into berry; twist and pull to remove stem and hull, leaving as much fruit as possible. Also handy for coring tomatoes. #Kitchen_Utensils #Strawberry_Huller

Chef’n Strawberry Huller
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Super Shine Serum by onegoodthingbyjillee #House_Cleaning

Utensil Essentials by #Kitchen_Utensils

Utensil Essentials

Nest™ 9 Plus: 5 x measuring cups 1 x small non-slip mixing bowl with measurements 1 x stainless-steel mesh sieve 1 x colander/strainer 1 x large non-slip mixing bowl #Kitchenware #Mixing_Bowls #Measuring_Cups

Benriner Mandolin via Michael Ruhlman who gives it high marks for being one of his most valued kitchen tools for uniform slicing, julienning and making brunoise (a julienne turned into a dice). Moreover, it's inexpensive! Photo by Donna Turner Ruhlman #Mandolin #Slicer

mandolin | Search Results | Michael Ruhlman
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RSVP Endurance 7-Piece Measuring Cup Set: Made of Heavy-gauge stainless-steel with extended sizes to easily halve, double or triple recipes, these are an investment, but look so awesome! #Measuring_Cups #RSVP_Endurance

CHEFS Products: This Product Is Not Available

Spice Measuring Spoons -Set of seven nested measuring spoons. Designed to fit into tall, narrow-mouthed spice jars. Includes ⅛-, ¼-, ½-, ¾-, 1-, 1½-teaspoon (½-tablespoon), AND 1-tablespoon measure. Made of heavy gauge stainless steel. via #Measuring_Spoons #kingarthurflour

Spice Measuring Spoons - Set of 7
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Odd Size Measuring Spoons: Made of silky, smooth stainless steel with a substantial heft, sizes include pinch, and ⅛, ⅔, 1½, and 2 teaspoons. via #Measuring_Spoons #kingarthurflour

Odd Size Measuring Spoons

Escali Digital Scale: Add-and-weigh (tare) lets you add ingredients in sequence. Automatic shutoff (a nice, long 4 minutes). Weighs up to 11 pounds (5kg) in decimal increments (.1, .2) rather than fractions (⅛, ¼). Weighs in .1-ounce/1g increments. Lifetime limited warranty. via #Scale #Escali #Digital_Scale #kingarthurflour

Escali Digital Scale - Chrome
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Progressive International S4 Grate and Measure with Etched Stainless Steel Grating Surface: What a good idea! Comes with medium and fine graters. Made of stainless steel. Dishwasher safe. #Grater #Measuring #Kitchen_Tools

Lazy Spoon and Ladle Set by Rachael Ray: These clever tools are notched to rest on your pot's edge so drips stay in the pan, not on yout countertop. Made of silicone, they are heat safe up to 500 degrees and clean up easily in the dishwasher. Also available in blue, green and orange. #Kitchen_Utensils #Rachel_Ray #Spoon_and_Ladle

EZ Super Mover Furniture System: Do it yourself! #Easy_Mover #Home_Improvement

La Caja China Pig Roast Boxes are BBQ roasting grills that allow you to cook any type of meat, conveniently! Available with and without smoker. Find it here Photo by

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  • Stephanie Kimerer Vazquez

    My husband has a homemade one that we have been using for the last 20 years. Just roasted 12 chickens and a pig leg in one just this weekend. Nice to see you can buy them now as everyone asks how to make one.

  • Kathleen Bigelow

    We use our all the time and it is so easy!!!!

  • Malyn Cou-Roest

    my family has one of these and i tell u that there's nothing like it when roast a pig for noche's the cuban way!

  • Rachel Digman

    Used ours for the 1st time last weekend! Turkey and a Prime Rib. Saving the pig for Labor Day weekend. Any tips on cutting up the pig? What other items have you cooked in your box???

  • Malyn Cou-Roest

    that sounds great; never tried turkey or prime time for sure. no real magic in cutting up the moist it just falls apart...enjoy!

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Hemostat: An inexpensive and invaluable household tool for reaching into tight spaces, grabbing and holding small objects securely. (Great for removing the slippery lateral bones on a fillet of fish.) #Hemostat #Tools

  • Lois Lindeman

    Also an extra long tweezers found at aquarium shops work great too !!

  • Nastacha Nieves Johnson

    wow I could have used this the other day trying to pull out the drawstring to a pair of shorts, :)

  • Donna Ahonen

    Come in handy for doing certain crafts, but you need the right sizes!

  • Carol Schomberg

    Also works well for stopping bleeding during operations.

  • Deborah Churchwell

    wow! you can buy them now?! we "acquired" some in college to securely hold objects that became too smal to hold with your fingers!!! hint. hint.

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Pure Black by Stelton: Forged from a single piece of stainless steel with a matte black coating for beautiful cuts, excellent grip and easy cleaning. #Knives #Stelton #Pure_Black

HolmbäckNordentoft - PureBlack