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Cranberry Mojito ☆ 1 bunch fresh mint (1 cup), 1/2 cup sugar, 1 3/4 cups light rum, 1 1/4 cups fresh lime juice, 3/4 cup cranberry juice cocktail, sparkling water.

Freeze a small bottle of Simply Lemonade, add Amaretto and shake well. It turns to slush and you have an amazing amaretto sour

Santa's Spiked Cider ~ Southern Holiday Life Magazine

Glow-in-the Dark Aurora Borealis Cocktail - My Modern Metropolis [glows under black light]

Peeptini 6 ounces lemon-flavored vodka (a.k.a. Citron) 2 ounces Cointreau, or triple sec 4 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice 2 teaspoons simple syrup, or to taste (equal amounts of sugar and water heated until sugar dissolves) 2 cups ice 1 lemon or 4 candy lemon drops or jelly lemon slices (Peeps) Directions Fill a martini shaker or a large glass with ice. Add vodka, Cointreau, lemon juice and simple syrup and shake or stir. Strain into chilled martini glasses.

Watermelon Cucumber Cooler Cocktail: 5 cups cubed seedless watermelon (about 1 1/2 pounds) 1 large English cucumber, peeled and cut into chunks 1/4 cup fresh lime juice (from 2 limes) 2 tablespoons honey 2/3 cup vodka

Bewitching Party Recipes | Pottery Barn

Bewitching Party Recipes | Pottery Barn

Hop, Skip and Go Naked AKA Skip 'N Go 2 cans frozen pink lemonaide, 5-6 cans of beer and 5th of vodka

H is for: Hop, Skip and Go {Naked}

Sex in the Driveway: Blue Curacao, Peach Schnapps, citrus vodka, Sprite

7 green drink recipes for your St. Patrick’s Day bender | Matador Network

Blue Cottontail Ingredients: 1-1/2 ounces vodka 1/2 ounce triple sec 1/4 ounce blue Curacao Orange peel (for garnish)

Spring Fling Ingredients: 3 ounces amaretto liqueur 2 ounces vodka 4 ounces freshly squeezed orange juice 2 ounces cranberry juice cocktail Freshly squeezed juice from 1 lime or lemon