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This is things from Akiane Kramarik and Colton Burpo who both at very early ages experienced heaven and spent time with Jesus. Their experiences are fascinating. Other things on this board I have come across and think that God would approve of them helping people to understand just who God is...He longs for us to "Just Know Him" once you know Him it's easy to love Him. Putting Him first in your life is harder in this world but well worth the effort ~~~

Power of Prayer

GEORGE BEVERLY SHEA PASSES AWAY AT 104 -America's Beloved Gospel Singer & long-time Billy Graham Crusade Associate Bev Shea died on Tues.eve. For over 60 yrs he carried the Gospel in song to every continent & US state.Through music & proclamation of the Word, Bev Shea, w/Cliff Barrows& Mr.Graham shared the saving faith of Jesus Christ with millions. At 23 he composed 1 of his best known solos, “I’d Rather Have Jesus.”

The Laughing Jesus-my favorite depiction of him

  • Dr. Linda Welker

    I love her work and sacred story. May I contribute to this board? /lswelker

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    All the contributors of this board are me LOL just different accts since Pinterest limited the # of pins I could put on this acct. I will let you pin (you are the only person I've ever let pin on my boards) Please make the pins powerful Christian pins Thanks.

PSALM 22:22 "I will declare thy name to my brethren: in the midst of the congregation will I praise thee." BIBLE IN MY LANGUAGE

The 1611 KJV Holy Bible top view. This is a beautifully bounded, black leather King James Version 1611 English Bible.

Bible of Nurnberg 1712 / REPRINT edition of Christoph Weigel's famous Bible / It contains full-page engraved illustrations, each of them representing a famous story from the Bible and described with thought provoking epigrammas in Latin and German [Hardcover] Christoph Weigel (Author) $349.99

This is what Jesus looks like. Both Akiane (who painted this picture of Jesus at age 8) and Colton (the little boy at age 4 in the book "Heaven Is For Real") have been to heaven and spent time with Him. Akiane says that there are more colors in heaven then we have here on earth. I can't wait.