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These are ideas for those who might not have enough money or room for a large tree during the Christmas Season. There is no reason to do without. There are tons of ideas to make the season just as festive ~!~ Love so many of these ideas I may have to put little trees everywhere this coming year : )

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Free Filet Crochet Charts and Patterns: Filet Crochet Holiday Tree - Chart 1

Free Filet Crochet Charts and Patterns: Filet Crochet Holiday Tree - Chart 1

present for christmas : santa crochet | make handmade, crochet, craft

Christmas tree - crocodile stitch with diagram but the diagram is really small so you have to enlarge

How to make a pipe-cleaner #Christmas tree.

cute and vintage tree

DIY folding paper trees

Whimsical trees by Elena Kogan what a lovely idea in polymer

This is the World’s Most Expensive Christmas Tree and valued at over half a million dollars. This tree is made from 5 pounds of 18 karat gold, is decorated with round briolette diamonds, and has a platinum star with a 4.54 karat diamond on top. S)

Plastic bottle instead of beads on the "trees"

DIY bottle brush trees

~ Button Tree ~

lovely diy #christmas

Transform old magazines into glittered table-top trees with this easy -- and kid-friendly -- step-by-step process.

Great DIY Christmas tree made from wine corks or craft corks!

Tiny, darling trees to hang on your own holiday tree! Could make a garland of trees also... ~!~

Christmas Tree by JayleeD, via Flickr Could use this idea to say anything ~!~

Love these felt trees!

Soft Christmas tree

Contemporary Tree available from Carlson Craft - This blue holiday card is made of recycled paper and features a modern blue and silver foil embossed Christmas Tree. #CarlsonCraft

This is so pretty and I think this would be fairly easy to make.

button tree

DIY Gold Kisses Christmas Tree!

pine pipecleaners