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Crochet: Crochet heart

Stampin Along With Heidi: Making the 3-D Six-sided Star---Doing the Math.

HEXAGONS AND STARS - India (Mughal), 17th century - A carved and pierced double-sided red sandstone jali screen, with an overall design of interlocking hexagons, each containing a six-pointed star.

Plate 2: Star and step cuts: 1a, b, c, Star-cut (of Mr. Cair). 2, a, b, Step-cut, four-sided. 3 b, Step-cut, six-sided. 4 b, c, Step-cut, eight-sided. 5 a, b, Mixed-cut. 6 a, b, Cut with double facets. 7 a, b, c, Cut with elongated brilliant facets. 8 a, b, c, Maltese cross cut.

STARS AND HEXAGONS 17th century the mottled red sandstone carved with an interlocking design of six-pointed stars each surrounded by six hexagons that connect to the adjacent stars to form a delicate geometric lattice.