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This board has things I've run across that I find sad. Life is so much more then these things...well except maybe the snake... they are apart of life.

Yep "Mr. O" did this disgraceful thing to these OUTSTANDING AMERICAN MEN.... He may avoid impeachment or any punishment from our courts but he can't hide from the ONE TRUE GOD, JESUS CHRIST... Have no doubt, God has him right where He wants him!!!!! he will get his

Right Wing Art - Image - Obama betrayed Seal Team Six

Smart Health Talk Pick: Mexico Bans GMOs Effective Immediately. Sorry Monsanto/Dupont guess you won't be able to contaminate the 20,000 native varieties of Mexico's corn like you planned. Largest tortilla maker had already committed to no GMO corn. Monsanto and Dupont want FULL control of the WORLD'S food supply. Get the seeds, get the food supply...

Mexico Bans GMO Corn Effective Immediately

Y U No play anymore? They make jokes of this but actually this matador is having a moment of conscience. This was his last bull fight before becoming an advocate for the bulls ~!~

It's sad that some people live to be in other peoples business ~!~

AMBER ALERT Issued for Missing 10 Year Old Jessica Ridgeway of Westminster, CO (This Alert can reach more people quicker if everyone re-pins this to their board with the most members...) #amberalert #missingpersons

Clifford Brown In the hard living world of jazz, Clifford Brown stood out. Drugs and alcohol didn't interest him, nor was he temperamental. He routinely arrived an hour early for recording dates to clean his horn and ready his mind. And he always seemed to have time for younger players eager for advice. His only vice was chess. On the evening of Monday, June 25, 1956, at the end of a rare day off spent with his wife and infant son, Brown took part in a jam session in Philly. He hadn't wanted to be there but characteristically, was doing a favor for a friend. It was after midnight before Brown and the pianist Richie Powell finished playing. They took off in Powell's new car with Powell's wife, Nancy, at the wheel. It began to rain. Suddenly, the car skidded out of control, flew over an embankment, and turned over. All three were killed instantly. Dizzy Gillespie was about to go on stage at the Apollo when he heard the news. When the curtain rose, most of the men in his band were in tears.

Zona Heaster Shue died in 1897 by what was called an "everlasting faint" but was soon given the name 'The Greenbrier Ghost' after she appeared to her mother and told her she had actually been murdered by her husband. The events surrounding the haunting led to it becoming the only time in American legal history in which the so-called "testimony of a ghost" was accepted at a murder trial. Sad that she had to die this way.

sorrow........It happens far more often than we care to think about: American soldiers coming home in flag-draped coffins to mourning loved ones, but an AP photographer was there to grab this particular heartbreaking scene. Here, Ashley Edens is seen collapsing on the coffin of her late 22-year-old husband Army Spc. Jason K. Edens as his body arrived in Nashville, TN

giftmas morning treat? GIFTMAS? so sad that they are missing out on CHRIST and who He really is ~!~

This is an actual poster from the mid fifties issued by Senator Joe Mccarthy at the height of the red scare and anti communist witch hunt in Washington. All Artist were suspect. Judging another is sad ~!~

Brown Recluse Spider. This is what they look like, very large, very poisonous. We have them here in TN. They like dark places... you just have to be aware not to stick your hand or fingers in those type places is all ~!~

flow chart. We need to change this with caring about people below us more then we do now. It starts with YOU and one situation at a time ~!~

worth the full read ~!~