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Missing Numbers

Kids love using dominoes during math! Great for missing addends...

Domino Math Worksheets: Composing and Decomposing Numbers

before and after number


This sight has lots of instructions for simple games and also free printables

Counting Activities

Missing Addend Freebie Worksheet

1st Grade Fantabulous: Merry Go Rounds and Freebies

Missing numbers to 100

Online Printouts: 100th Day of School Numbers

Robots - Find the Missing Addend Freebie

1st Grade Fantabulous: Pinterest, Robot Freebies, and Giveaways

Classroom Freebies Too: 120 Chart Math Freebie

Classroom Freebies Too: 120 Chart Math Freebie

Roll the dice, write the number, then write the number before & after it

Kreative in Kinder: QU Wedding and Valentine Freebie!!

Missing numbers to one hundred.

Online Printouts: 100th Day of School Numbers

1st grade math worksheets

These Worksheets Will Teach Your Kids to Count to 20

number thief- end of the year. steal number from 100s chart and guess what numbers are missing.

This first grade math assessment includes addition, subtraction, place value, number sense, writing to 100, missing numbers, number recognition, ...

Missing Numbers Encourages students to problem solve 'unseen' objects through counting on and backwards and solve cloze style equations

Here's a pack of hundreds charts with missing numbers. Students fill in the missing numbers with a dry erase marker or using cut-out number tiles (included in packet). Includes 8 worksheets and a performance assessment recording sheet.

Hundreds Chart Activity Pack

Here's a hundred board covered by snakes. Students must determine and write the missing numbers.

Sneaky snake numbers, part 2

Fill in the missing numbers to 100 worksheet.

Online Printouts: 100th Day of School Numbers