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How to Drink Sake

Glazed Ceramic Japanese Sake Set

Glazed Ceramic 5 Pcs Japanese Sake Set

Japanese Sake Set with One Flask and Four Cups, Sumo Wrestling Faces

The term "Ginjo" is synonomous with premium sake, the type of sake exported by eSake's brewers. Ginjo is not a brand name. It is a style (a grade, category, class) of sake.

Good sake is made from special sake rice. There are dozens of types of sake rice, which is different from eating rice, but only a handful that are truly worth remembering. The most important of these is Yamada Nishiki.

This gorgeous picture reminds us that sake is sometimes consumed as part of Shinto purification rituals. In these rituals, sake called Omiki or Miki is offered to the gods. This pouring looks worthy!